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Going Off to College Gift Essentials

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If you have a loved one going off to college, it’s a fun and exciting time of life! And you want to makes sure they are stocked up on essentials, especially if it’s their first time leaving home. At SkinDeep Naturals–a Fort Collins small batch skin care company—we’ve compiled a list of all the necessary items to put in an off-to-college gift basket so your student is set up for success!

Comfort Foods

At home when mom stocks the pantry, there is always something good to eat. But at college, students are often pinching pennies and dorm food can get a little repetitive. Putting some healthy (and maybe a few indulgent) snack favorites in an off-to-college gift basket is a great way to bring a homey touch to that dorm room or apartment.

Hygiene Necessities

Making sure your student has all their hygiene necessities saves them a trip or two to Target when they arrive on campus. CollegeBoard has an extensive off-to-college checklist, including a toiletries section you will find helpful. Don’t forget to include their favorite SkinDeep Naturals products too!

Cleaning Supplies

Depending on your student’s living situation, they might not need a ton of cleaning supplies. But most students will need the basics like glass cleaner, antibacterial wipes, toilet bowl cleaner, and surface cleaner. Keeping in the vein of natural products, we like Honest cleaning products for your college student’s new place.

So, before your loved one goes off to college, give them the gift of an off-to-college gift basket with essentials they will need to be off to a good start including comfort foods, hygiene necessities, and cleaning supplies. And for more information about our natural skin care products, contact us today at SkinDeep Naturals.