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3 Things to Look for at the Farmer’s Market

FamilyJessica AndersonComment

It’s summer, and one of our staple activities of summer is heading to the farmer’s market. Whether your community has a market that takes up several blocks or just a small market in a parking lot, there are sure to be some treasures there. Here are three things we at SkinDeep Naturals—a Fort Collins natural skin care company—look for when we visit the farmer’s market.


The farmer’s market is a place where you can pick up some fruits and vegetables you don't usually buy at the store. And greens are no exception. In summer when it’s hot, and we eat a lot of salads, it’s fun to explore new greens. Also, if you enjoying juicing, local, organic greens are the perfect thing to add to your daily juice.

Local Favorites

Here in Northern Colorado, we have some local favorites rooted in our history. For example, one major crop that used to thrive in this area was cherries. People around here are still crazy about cherries even though there aren’t many orchards left. Do a little research on local crops before you head to the farmer’s market and get more connected with your roots by partaking in a local favorite.

Fresh Flowers

Who doesn’t love a bunch of fresh flowers for their kitchen table? We like to support local farmers by snagging a bunch of locally grown flowers before hosting a party or just to spruce up the home.

What do you make sure to get whenever you go to the farmer’s market? We’d love to hear from you! And as always, please contact us if you have any questions about our natural skin care products.