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How We Use Bee Products in Our Skin Care Line—Part 1

Product HighlightsJessica AndersonComment

From its inception, SkinDeep Naturals has been a handmade skin care line, created with awareness of natural ingredients that are good for you and good for the Earth. One of the unique things about SkinDeep Naturals is that we use our own bee products from bees kept onsite in many of our skin care items.

The first bee product we use is beeswax. You have probably seen popular products on the shelf at the supermarket or beauty supply store marketed as beeswax products. But you may be wondering what it looks like to get the beeswax from the hive and into your skin care products. At SkinDeep Naturals—as anywhere else— our bees create beeswax for the very building blocks of their hive. They use it to form the comb, which stores honey, pollen, and baby bees.

The bees carefully create the comb in a very specific hexagon pattern with very specific measurements! (Bees are meticulous mathematicians.) They also use it as a source of communication within the hive. Amazingly, they utilize its vibrations to communicate. Come late summer or early fall, we harvest any extra beeswax from the hive and use it for lip balm, lotions, and salves. Beeswax is the primary emulsifier in these products. In addition, it smells great and is a wonderful skin conditioner.

To try some of our beeswax products, check out our Pure Moisture for Eyes and Lips or the Spearmint Stick Lip Butter. For more information about the use of bee products or any other questions about our skin care line, contact us today at SkinDeep Naturals. And stay tuned to our next blog post to read how we used another bee product—propolis—in our skin care products.