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2 SkinDeep Products to Get You Ready for Spring

Organic Skin CareJessica AndersonComment

If you are one of our Colorado customers, you know that spring keeps teasing us with 60 degree days and then we go back to the ice and snow. And for our other customers, perhaps you are looking forward to spring and warm weather as much as we are. So, in this blog post we wanted to highlight 2 of our favorite natural skin care products that will get you ready for spring. Using our natural products will add to the bounce in your step because you know exactly what you are putting on your skin.

1)    Daily Exfoliating Cleanser: Our daily exfoliating cleanser can, of course, be used year-round. But we love it especially for spring to get your skin glowing and keep you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. The cleanser removes makeup and dirt and evens out lines and wrinkles with its gentle exfoliation.

2)    Pure Moisture for the Eyes and Lips: If your lips and eyes are in need of some extra love as we approach spring, this product is perfect for making your eyes and lips moisturized and feeling younger. Since the skin around our eyes and our lips don’t produce oil like the rest of our skin, it is normal to need to apply more product to those areas. Our customers love this balm because it doesn’t feel greasy and slows down the signs of aging.

As you get ready for spring, maybe planting a garden or getting outside into the fresh air, check out these products to make your skin as ready for spring as you are! Contact us today at SkinDeep Naturals for more information.