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How to Make Your Life More Natural

Organic Skin Care, Health & WellnessJessica AndersonComment

If you are in pursuit of ways to make healthy lifestyle changes but aren’t sure where to start, we understand. It’s never easy to know what products and food to buy and which lifestyle changes are worth it. It takes a lot of research and oftentimes–just trying it out!

At SkinDeep Naturals, we obviously advocate for a more natural approach to life, especially when it comes to skin care. Switching to natural skin care products is a great place to begin when transitioning to a more natural lifestyle. People often focus more on what they are putting in their bodies than what they are putting on their bodies. But using natural skin care products keeps your body free of toxins and chemicals used in many products you find at the store.

Besides skin care, one easy step towards a more natural lifestyle is mindfully shopping. When possible, looking for organic, local, or fair-trade items is always a good idea. One way we promote this is by selling organic cloths for washing your face and enjoying at-home facials. These cotton cloths are luxurious, soft, and absorbent.

While buying organic products isn’t always possible, there are still ways to bring natural items into your home that will make a difference. For example, when it comes to produce, cost comes into play when trying to purchase organic. The EWG puts out a list every year of the 12 worst foods when it comes to pesticide application called the “Dirty Dozen.” They also have the “Clean Fifteen,” the foods that you could skip going organic and still be fine. These lists can help if you are grocery shopping on a budget but still want to be mindful of the food you eat.

Using natural skin care products and shopping mindfully are just two ways to start adding more natural habits into your life. In your pursuit to live more naturally, SkinDeep Naturals wants to help. Contact us today for more information.