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3 Ways to Pamper Your Baby

FamilyJessica AndersonComment

When you have a new baby in your life, all you want to do is take care of them every way possible. But there are so many products out there is it hard to know which ones are best to use. And of course if you ask for opinions, you will get a hundred different ones from all of the other moms you know (and don’t know!). But if you have a little one on the way or are buying a gift for a loved one who does, here are three of our favorite ways to pamper a baby.

1)    Baby Butter from SkinDeep Naturals: When it comes to your little one, going with natural baby products is a smart choice. Babies deserve to have skin care that is free of chemicals, dyes, and other ingredients that could be potentially harmful to their skin and body. This baby butter is perfect for chapped, dry skin and also for diaper rash. For cloth diapering families, this product is safe to use with cloth diapers as well.

2)    Bamboo Swaddles: Bamboo swaddles have become very popular in the recent years. They are so soft and cozy for your little one and the material is very pliable which makes swaddling easier. Aden+anias is a great brand found on Amazon or retailers near you.

3)    Babywearing: If you aren’t familiar with this trend, you are about to fall in love. People have been babywearing for centuries but it has made a recent resurgence, with mothers keeping baby close by in a sling or another carrier. Ergo and Moby wraps are just a few well-loved brands, although there are many. We got a good 3 year use out of our Ergo with both babies, and were able to pass it along to 2 more families. Their quality can't be beat! A baby wrap or carrier is the perfect way to spoil both mom and baby.

While the best way to pamper your baby is plenty of snuggles, baby butter, bamboo swaddles, and a good wrap or carrier will help along the way. For more information about SkinDeep Naturals skin care and baby products, contact us today.