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 3 Reasons to Switch Up Your Skin Care Regimen

Is your skin care regimen not working for your skin type anymore? Or perhaps you are starting to ask questions about the ingredients found in your skin care products and if they are truly good for you. At SkinDeep Naturals, we encourage consumers to read their labels and consider switching up their skin care regimen. Here are 3 reasons to change up your skin care routine:

1      Shelf Life: Just like you wouldn’t eat food that has been in your cabinet for two years, you might want to think twice about putting things on your skin with a long shelf life. Products with a long shelf life are made of artificial ingredients. Try small batch products made with natural ingredients instead. The ingredients are more active and will offer better results.

2      Ingredients: As many people make the shift to preferring whole foods over processed foods, they are also preferring skin care products with natural ingredients as well. Wouldn’t it be nice to use a skin care product with only ingredients you can pronounce and actually know what they are? Natural ingredients that are active offer more nutrition to your skin.

They contain elements of nature that your skin recognizes and knows what to do with. When you use products with active ingredients that your body recognizes, you are FEEDING your skin and allowing it to do its job more efficiently. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and its primary job is to protect everything that it contains: all of your tissues and organs and muscles and fibers. It has a very important job to do, and therefore needs proper nutrition.

3      Skin Type: You know it’s time to switch up your skin care regimen if you are having problems you haven’t had in the past. Perhaps your skin is overly dry, you are experiencing oily patches, more frequent breakouts, you are noticing that hyperpigmented spots are appearing, or fine lines are looking more like wrinkles. If so, try something new to support these changes and allow your skin to regulate itself and experience optimal health. You will reap the benefits of these changes inside and out! Head on over to the blog for a more in-depth discussion of how to combat changing skin care needs: click HERE.

No matter what the reason is that has you looking at new skin care products, we would love for you to give our products a try. Contact us at SkinDeep Naturals today. We are excited to answer any questions you may have and support you on this skin care journey towards optimal health!

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